How to Choose Window Tint for Your Car

If you’re planning to upgrade your car, then consider window tint. Car tint films are great investments because it adds distinction and elegance to your vehicle. It has a lot of benefits. Aside from added privacy and security, it also helps in blocking the sun from directly hitting your face. The tint blocks 99% of the UV rays, so you are protected from any skin diseases caused by sun exposure and your upholstery won’t fade easily too. Having a high-quality tint on your car will also lead to less interior fading, cracking and even warping. If you’re driving a lot of miles every day, don’t miss out in this amazing investment.

But mind you, not all car tint films are created equal. There are high-quality ones and cheap ones too. So, we decided to help you choose a window tint for your car. The following are our tips.

Window Tint Options to Choose From

Like we recently mentioned, there are different kinds of window tints. The qualities differ as well as their prices. Make sure you research more about the tints available in window tinting Denver so you would know what is best for you. The first thing to do is visit a window tinting shop and ask the installers about the types of tints they offer.

Top Tier Tints vs. Average Tints

Do you want a top tier tint for your car or just an average tint? Your choice will depend on the purpose of your car and how much you are willing to spend. If you’re asking about our recommendation, it’s definitely top tier. It’s longer lasting and appealing to the eye. Generally, it does a better job than the average tints.

Consider UV Reflecting Window Tints

When we’re on the car and the sun is out and our tint is thin and light-colored, it’s not impossible to get sun damage due to over exposure. Window tints will help you block 99% of the sun’s UV rays which is unhealthy for our skin. This type of tint will also make sure that the inside of the car is not too hot because of the sun’s energy. Having a high-quality tint will eliminate the oven effect you can experience inside the car.

Requirements of Your State Laws

Not all states have the same laws regarding car window tinting. There are requirements for the allowable tint that the film should have. You don’t want cops to flag you down because you have a super dark tint. Research more about the limits before you buy and install one.

Hire a Professional Installer

You can DIY window tint installation, but we don’t recommend it. If you want that unique elegance for the car to have, let a professional do the job. Professional tinting might be costly but it will benefit you in the long run. Again, this is an investment.

Where to Tint and Where Not To

Obviously, you’re allowed to tint your windows. But there are parts of your car where you’re not allowed to tint like the rear mirror and side mirror. The light shades are applicable but the darker ones are big no. A dark shade can obscure parts of the window which will be difficult for you to view the images.

Window Tint Maintenance

After the installation, wait for a few days before you roll it down and clean it up. Make sure that it’s fully dried before you pull the tint loose. Let the installer do the cleaning too.

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